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What Our Customers are Saying

Diane Reed Burr
Hilton Head Island
Island Tire is dedicated to solving the customer's auto problem, even if there is nothing going into their till. I recently had my car serviced there, as I always do, but today discovered my a/c was not working. Kia took the car for a drive, checked under the hood, etc and confirmed my suspicion. However, instead of scheduling a service appointment, he insisted I call the dealership, verify my warranty, and have them do the work. Thank you Island Tire for always putting the customer first.

Po S.
Great quality fast service, the people were very knowledgeable and experienced. My girlfriend and I were visiting from Charleston, SC and on our way out we had a flat. They showed us why the tire needed to be replaced and where it was damaged. I highly recommend this place, left very satisfied.

Mt Pleasant, SC
I wanted to let you know about my experience today, as it was so overwhelmingly positive. I visited the south end location today on a friend's recommendation and was helped by Kia primarily. It is truly rare for a team to go out of their way to help and provide great customer service, so I was blown away. I needed a new tire in a hurry. It wasn't in stock, but Kia made it happen!

You have a terrific staff and I will most certainly return.

Paige Rose
Bluffton, SC
Your team was so professional yesterday. New brakes all around, new front rotors, and an oil change. They even washed and vacuumed my car. I had forgotten what color it was. :) Thank You!
Judy Schaffer
Hilton Head Island, SC
As a matter of fact, all 6 (Porches) I have owned had your tires on them!

Lisa Carroll
Bluffton, SC
Last night I drove from Columbia to Bluffton in that huge thunderstorm gullywasher that hit. Whew! Thank goodness my husband had new tires from Island Tire on the truck. No hydroplaning, no problems.....just took it slowly. Thanks, Island Tire.
Andrew Hogan
Roanoke, VA
While vacationing at HHI, my vehicle broke down. I had it towed to Island Tire on a local's recommendation. My vehicle had a few problems and we ran out of time before I had to leave town to return from vacation. I had to leave it on the Island and drive back to Virginia. It was quickly repaired and the owner personally drove my car to my folks over 4 hrs away! The owner returned to HHI in a rental car and my car is running as strong as ever with 150,000 miles on it. Thank you Island Tire and Berry for your customer service and willingness to go above and beyond. A hand delivered vehicle by the owner... you don't find that just anywhere these days .
Ashton Kelly
Hilton Head Island, SC
I had a nail in my tire last week and went to Island Tire on the South End… everyone was so nice and got me in and out of there in less than 30 minutes.. Keep up the good work! :)

Loyal Customer
On two separate occasions I came to your shop with a worrisome problem that ultimately proved to be minor. The first was a tire with a nail that had not perforated the tread and the second was a mushy brake that just needed a little brake fluid. You promptly and cheerfully looked at the problem and resolved it without charge even though my car has out-of-state (Iowa) plates. In fact, you declined offered compensation.

That level of courtesy and response is unfortunately rare these days and certainly should be commended.

We come annually to Sea Pines to stay in our condo at this time of year. We certainly will purchase our gasoline and any other service from you in the future and recommend your business to our guests and friends.

Thanks again and have a great holiday season!

Loyal Customer
I was vacationing in Hilton Head with friends when we kept hearing noises coming from my car. On August 8th we stopped at Island Tire and they were so nice and helpful. Immediately Scott offered to drive the car to see what the problem was. He found that the back left tire was about to fall off. My husband had replaced the shocks but forgot to tighten after taking off jack. Scott literally saved us as the next day we returned to Virginia and would surely have had an accident!! Thank you so much!

Ms. Charlotte Tilton
Hilton Head Island, SC
Your service is impeccable and I am more than grateful you have continued to stay in the same location and on the south end for so many years. Your attention to my safety, keeping me updated on services due, offering to give me a ride home and back if I need it and genuine kindness. That my friends is hard to find. You will continue to have my business and recommendations for many more years. Thanks!!!!!!!

Bob Huisman
Hilton Head Island, SC
Came in without an appointment and was taken right away for a check of a suspected nail in one of my car's tires. Found it and it hadn't pierced the inner wall. They suggested tire rotation (which hadn't been done in over a year, showing me the wear indications. Was out in a half hour. Very professional service people who know what they are doing. I'd recommend them to anyone.

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